Websites & Mobile Application Package Starts From Rs. 5000/- only

Websites & Mobile Application Package Starts From Rs. 5000/- only


Website Backup

Webindia Technology is a premium backup service that automatically protects your website. Backups are done incrementally to ensure efficient, accurate data storage. Our Automated Website Backup offers a reliable backup solution for all of your data, including:

  • All of your website files
  • MySQL database files
  • Images and additional website information
  • Scripts and applications used for your website
  • Your cPanel email forwarding structure and stored emails

Main Features of Website Backup Services

Backup Website in the cloud

Just enter your FTP or SFTP settings and we will backup your website automatically on a daily basis. All the folders and subfolders will backup automatically. Backup multiple websites under a single account.

One click download

With our single click download feature, you can download all the files of any version of the backup and recreate your website within minutes. All the files are compressed and zipped into a single file for you to easily upload to your server.

Database backup in the cloud

Just provide your database host name, username and password and we shall backup your database automatically on a daily basis. You can backup multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Migrate Database easily

All the backups are taken in a friendly dump file format. Download any backup version and just migrate your data to the new database using the dump file within minutes. Simple and easy migration of the database.

Monitor Website Availability

User can monitor the up time of your website and notify you via email or sms in the event of a server or network outage. You can monitor your website from anywhere through the web or on mobile.

Website Performance Reports

Easy to analyze the response time (in msecs) of your website from around the world and view them graphically on a chart. You can monitor the performance of either a GET, POST or a HEAD request.

Simple and Secure Backups

We allow users to use secure FTP to backup their website. We also support secure connection to your database. All the backup data is encrypted and stored securely using 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES).

Schedule your backup

Schedule your backups on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Select the time of the day when your usage is low to schedule your backup to ensure your server performance is not affected.

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